Embria Health Sciences is dedicated to creating and manufacturing natural, science-based ingredients that support wellness and vitality. Our ingredients are featured in dozens of leading dietary supplement and food products found in natural products stores, grocery stores, health care practitioner offices, drug stores and on-line. Our ultimate goal is to provide the proven efficacy and safety needed for products that help people (and their pets) stay healthy and maintain a high quality of life to enjoy the things they love. 

Our ingredients are all made in America and supported by years of thorough research and development. Consumers can trust that products containing our ingredients provide safe, effective and healthy solutions.

Embria guarantees consistent and reliable ingredients by having accomplished professionals use leading edge technology in our manufacturing and quality systems. Our premier ingredients are just part of the value we provide customers. Our scientific, marketing, technical, and regulatory talent brings innovation and expertise to provide solutions that help customers achieve success.

Whether you are a food or dietary supplement manufacturer, health care practitioner or other professional looking to provide solutions with real health benefits, you can feel secure in knowing that Embria Health Sciences is committed to your success. We invite you to learn more about the health and business benefits provided by Embria and our ingredients.