April 20, 2016

Number of healthy winters for different types of EpiCor usersAnkeny, Iowa - A survey conducted by Embria Health Sciences suggests regular use of its immune strengthening supplement, EpiCor®, provides superior long-term health advantages.

Of the over 150 EpiCor consumers surveyed, those who took the supplement “regularly” were more than three times as likely to have five or more healthy winters versus “on and off” or “former” users.* Responders ranged from health care practitioners to athletes, with people identifying as parents representing the majority of responders (70% of all EpiCor consumers surveyed). Every person who responded was entered to win a $300 debit gift card.

The survey was created using Toluna QuickSurveys and sent to EpiCor’s email subscribers and social media followers. Nearly 300 people responded, with 139 providing their own personal testimonial about how EpiCor positively contributes to their health.

EpiCor fan Karen S. testified, “My son & I both take EpiCor daily -- no matter the season -- and have stayed healthy year after year!”

Jeff Canon, CEO of Embria’s parent company Diamond V, comments, “We are grateful to see that EpiCor has impacted the lives of so many people and to see the passion in the testimonials they wrote. We created EpiCor to help improve peoples lives and this survey has shown that it is doing just that.”

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Media Contact: Doug Reyes, Embria Health Sciences, (310) 625-7111, dreyes@embriahealth.com

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