October 2, 2013

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A validated, integrated in vitro approach was used to evaluate the metabolism of EpiCor by intestinal microflora, its modulating effect on the gut microbiota, and its anti-inflammatory activity on human-derived cell lines.

Embria Health Sciences, a leader in providing safe and science-based dietary supplement ingredients to the global marketplace, has seen its most recent research efforts culminate in a scientific paper published in Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry, 2013, “Possemiers, S., et al., A Dried Yeast Fermentate Selectively Modulates both the Luminal and Mucosal Gut Microbiota and Protects against Inflammation, As Studied in an Integrated in Vitro Approach.”

“The gut is extremely important for proper immune health, as the GALT (Gut-Associated Lymphoid Tissue) comprises a large part of the immune system,” states Dr. Stuart Reeves, Director of Research and Development, Embria Health Sciences. An in vitro study, using a multistage simulator of the human digestive system, was conducted to understand EpiCor’s affect on the immune and digestive systems. EpiCor appears to support gut health through a variety of mechanisms:

  • EpiCor acts as a prebiotic, which helps explain part of its mode of action as an immune modulator.
  • EpiCor significantly increased the levels of butyrate, a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) that has been shown to be beneficial for gut immune health.
  • EpiCor significantly increased the levels of beneficial bacteria (bifidobacteria and lactobacilli) over the control.
  • EpiCor contains mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS) and ß-glucans. Research has repeatedly demonstrated the beneficial effects of these oligosaccharides for gut immune health.

Per Larry Robinson, Vice President of Scientific Affairs, Embria Health Sciences, “This really is ground-breaking science, as the prebiotic-like effects we see with EpiCor are at a relatively low dose as compared to the much higher doses required for efficacy with the more established prebiotic fibers such as FOS or inulin.”

Embria president Paul Faganel sees the business implications: "Many customers and prospects are excited about the emerging link between gut health and immune health,” he states. “As with all the research we develop, the eye is towards helping our customers fulfill a consumer need while making a good return on their investment. With these new prebiotic-like effects for EpiCor, I expect to see more products on the shelves featuring EpiCor which link immune health and gut health."

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