As the hot summer days come to an end and the weather starts to get colder, chances are you’ll be stuck indoor more often and less active.

What’s more, most of us tend to reach for comfort food this time of year. I know I’ve been guilty of this!

Keeping your immune system strong this time of year becomes even more important especially if your healthy habits tend to slip.

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During the last month, kids 12 and under submitted drawings of EpiC Man and EpiC Woman. The top 10 were chosen and need your votes to win! The 3 drawings with the most votes will be the winners of the contest.

Voting: Once a day September 14-21, 2015. (You can vote for more than one drawing everyday!)

See all the entries here:

We are excited to welcome Congressman David Young at the Embria Health Sciences headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa on Tuesday, Sept. 22. On that day, Congressman Young will take a tour of our facility and see firsthand the high quality and safety standards built around manufacturing EpiCor.