March 20, 2017

Global nutritional health company Diamond V summarized recent research and development on non-antibiotic solutions for animal health, animal performance, and food safety during VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.

Jason Frank, PhD presented the technical seminar 'Antibiotic Use and Replacement Strategies' to nearly 100 producers and professionals attending Asia's largest animal and feed trade show.

Dr. Frank is the Director of Non-Ruminant Research and Technical Support at Diamond V and holds bachelor's and master's degrees in Animal Science and a doctorate in Swine Nutrition. His experience includes postdoctoral research in swine nutrition and immunology.

"Without exception," he said, "antibiotic resistance develops rapidly in pathogenic bacteria following the introduction of antibiotics." With antimicrobial resistance on the rise worldwide, there were serious human health consequences, including the threat of 'super bugs' not sensitive to drug therapy. Regulatory agencies and consumers in many countries already have banned the use of antibiotics for growth promotion and disease prevention.

"Until recently, the only way to prevent development of antimicrobial resistance was to avoid use of antibiotics."

Today however, Dr. Frank said, advanced non-antibiotic nutritional health programs were available to sustain animal health and performance, while reducing pathogen virulence and increasing sensitivity of pathogens to antibiotics. This new approach worked in concert with improvements in biosecurity, vaccination protocol, genetics, management, and nutrition. At VIV Asia, Dr. Frank reviewed controlled research in poultry and pigs using Original XPC™ from Diamond V, which demonstrated the multiple benefits of immune support and digestive health.

Another technical seminar was 'Food Safety and Pathogen Control in Layers and Broilers', attended by more than 100 at VIV Asia. Don McIntyre, PhD, PAS, Director of Global Research and Technical Services for Diamond V, pointed out that more than 200 diseases are spread through food, making one in 10 people ill and killing nearly half a million worldwide each year.

"Poultry producers urgently need new, non-antibiotic, nutritional health solutions because of the increased challenges and cost of attempting further interventions by conventional methods."

"Food safety starts on the farm," Dr. McIntyre said, "where it's possible to reduce Salmonella, Campylobacter, and E. coli in the gastro-intestinal tracts of poultry without using antibiotics.

"Reducing these foodborne pathogens 'pre-harvest' or on-farm helps to reduce the risk of pathogens in food processing and food products. Ultimately, it helps reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses and the recall of food products because of bacterial contamination."

Dr. McIntyre holds a master's degree in Avian Science and doctorate in Physiology. His experience as a professional animal scientist includes more than 35 years in poultry research and technical support.

At the technical seminar, Dr. McIntyre also noted that effective on-farm or pre-harvest nutritional health technology lowered the virulence of pathogens and increased their sensitivity to commonly used antibiotics.

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