What is the safe, maximum dose of EpiCor for adults and children?

A daily consumption of up to 3.0 grams (3,000 mg) of EpiCor is acceptable for adults and up to 500 mg of EpiCor for children over the age of four years old. Although higher levels may also be safe, these are the levels presented in Embria’s NDI for EpiCor.

What is the efficacious dose of EpiCor for adults and for children?

All of the published human clinical trials were done on healthy adults consuming a daily dose of 500 mg of EpiCor. Embria used the accepted practice of attributing efficacy to children based on body weight in our NDI with the FDA and established that the efficacious dose of EpiCor for children is a daily dose of 125 mg of EpiCor for every 40 lbs. of body weight.

Is EpiCor heat stable?

EpiCor is heat and pressure stable under conditions normally found in food processing.

What is EpiCor’s shelf life?

Embria has conducted real-time stability studies showing that EpiCor is stable for three years when stored as recommended in a dry environment in its original closed container. EpiCor is packaged in 25 kilogram poly-lined fiber drums.

Can EpiCor be combined with other ingredients in formulations?

EpiCor is perfectly suited for further formulation to achieve maximum clinical results due to the documented modes of action identified in peer-reviewed journals. All the published clinical research on EpiCor has been done on the basis of a daily dose of 500 mg. Embria encourages manufacturers to refer to the Embria document, "Biochemical Markers Observed in EpiCor Studies” to determine how best to complement the benefits of EpiCor with other ingredients.

Is EpiCor a beta glucan?

EpiCor is not a beta glucan. EpiCor is a natural whole food classified as “dried fermentate” resulting from a microbial fermentation. It contains many additional components that both strengthen and direct the proper immune response depending on the body’s needs.

Is EpiCor yeast?

EpiCor is not yeast. EpiCor is “dried fermentate” made using many ingredients including Saccharomyces cerevisiae (simple baker’s yeast); however these constituents and compounds are a minor part of the overall make-up of EpiCor.

Is EpiCor soluble?

EpiCor has been successfully formulated into ready-to-drink beverages and dry mixes. EpiCor is highly soluble and dispersible in water however, it is not 100% soluble.

Does the recommended dosage need to be taken in one dose?

The recommended daily adult dosage, 500 mg, does not need to be taken in one dose. It can be split into several dosages during the day.

What product delivery forms are possible with EpiCor?

EpiCor has been successfully formulating into two-piece, hard-shell capsules, time-release tablets, soft gels, chewable tablets, dry powders, concentrated drink mixes (i.e., “stick packs”), gummies, chews and lozenges.

Does EpiCor have a flavor?

EpiCor has a naturally pleasant savory. In addition, it can be successfully masked and formulated into chewable tables, drink mixes, gummies, soft chews and lozenges.

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