EpiCor is made through a proprietary fermentation process that has set the standard in the nutrition industry for more than 70 years. This process produces a unique range of metabolites that provides beneficial nourishment and superior bioavailability.

How it's Made

EpiCor starts with baker’s yeast - a safe, natural microorganism used for thousands of years to make beer, wine, breads and other food. First, Embria’s process provides the microorganism with ample oxygen to help it multiply. When the microorganism cells are healthiest, Embria switches to an anaerobic environment that lacks oxygen and adds a proprietary mix of nutrients. This anaerobic environment stresses the cells and causes them to produce beneficial metabolites. As a result, the fermentation broth now contains beneficial compounds such as proteins, peptides, antioxidants, polyphenols, organic acids, and nucleotides. This natural, unique complex also contains the beta glucans and mannans from the yeast cell wall. This unique complex explains why EpiCor provides benefits superior to commodities like nutritional yeast or beta glucan ingredients.

The next step uses a proprietary and gentle drying process to capture the complex array of vital nutrients created during fermentation. Embria then mills the dehydrated fermentate and packages it within containers designed to protect it during storage and handling.

The end result is EpiCor - a natural ingredient that provides nutritional support for a properly functioning, strong and balanced immune system.