The science and quality of Embria’s proprietary nutritional ingredients are built upon over 70 years of fermentation expertise by Embria’s parent company, Diamond V Mills. A series of incredible discoveries led Diamond V to create Embria to bring this world leadership in nutritional fermentation products to the human marketplace.  

The Amazing Discovery of EpiCor

The inspiration behind EpiCor started with a simple observation. In 1998, Diamond V’s employees who manufactured its yeast culture noticed that they were not using much sick time, which was part of their overall time off. This observation lead to negotiations between the union representative for the workers and Diamond V management about combining unused sick leave with vacation time. Once Diamond V management looked into this claim, they confirmed that the factory workers had unusually low sick leave rates compared to the office workers. Further investigation with Diamond V's health insurance provider indicated actual health care claims per person were lower than other companies of similar size in the same region.

Diamond V wanted to know if what was happening with the factory workers had something to do with being exposed to the yeast culture. Diamond V commissioned a pilot study to see if there were measurable beneficial effects on the human immune systems of the factory workers.

The results surprised everyone. The immune systems of the factory workers were indeed stronger. They showed increased Natural Killer cell activity, higher levels of secretory IgA (sIgA) (Figure 1) and lower levels of pro-inflammatory immune complexes compared to office workers that did not come in contact with the yeast culture.

Out of this groundbreaking discovery, Embria Health Sciences was formed to develop a version of this health-promoting ingredient, EpiCor, for people and their pets across the world.